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Cortlandville Fire DepartmentWelcome to the Cortlandville Fire Department

The Cortlandville Fire Department is located in the County of Cortland, Town of Cortlandville, New York and was duly organized as a Fire District to provide fire protection.

Membership of the fire department is volunteer and comprised of active, exempt, life and honorary members with a total active membership of 65 members. The active membership is divided into interior structural firefighters and non-interior structural firefighters.

The Cortlandville Fire department is organized to save lives, suppress and control fires, provide EMS services and deliver other services and activities as deemed in the best interest of the fire department and the citizens of our community.

It is the intent of the Cortlandville Fire department to place the safety of our firefighters as our top priority by developing, implementing, monitoring, and evaluating, policies that ensure the safety of all our members.

It is the commitment of this department to provide to the best of our ability a safe operation by working to prevent accidents, illnesses, fatalities and by complying with all applicable laws and regulations. The Cortlandville Fire Department is committed to fostering safe work habits by establishing guidelines to meet these objectives.


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